Breakfast at its finest

Don’t you agree that one tricky part about the mornings is eating a healthy breakfast? The morning rush can sometimes deter us from making healthy choices, but breakfast really doesn’t have to be a huge production; you simply just need a bowl and spoon.

We have three easy breakfast ideas that will take you from your bed to the classroom (or office).  All you need is your appetite!

Breakfast in a jar


Mason jars are pretty great for everything, including breakfast. If you don’t have time to eat at home, bring it with you to enjoy in the car, on the bus or while you’re walking. Simply mix some of your favourite yogurt, Lotus Fine Foods Quinoa Granola and your fruit of choice into a mason jar, screw on the lid and remember your spoon!

Three-way powerhouse breakfast


For this one, you’ll need Lotus Fine Foods Quinoa Granola, a banana and some OJ. Which ever way you choose to have it, this breakfast will provide you will the protein to keep you held over until snack or lunch, the vitamin C to keep you feeling energized and fibre to regulate and aid digestion.

If you want to have a plain-Jane breakfast, simply snack on the Quinoa Granola straight from the bag, pour yourself a glass of orange juice and peel back your banana.

For breakfast in a glass, blend the banana and orange juice in a blender and sprinkle with some Quinoa Granola for a little crunch.

For a little creative spin, opt to dip your banana in the Quinoa Granola and eat it that way. Finish it off with a glass of OJ and you’re ready for a full day of learning!

Simple at it’s best

DSC03740Bowl. Spoon. Milk. Quinoa Granola…we think you get the picture!



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