Find Lotus Fine Foods At A Store Near You

To all our new and future customers: please share with us where you love to shop. We want to make getting our Lotus Fine Foods Granolas as easy to buy as they are to eat. Let us know the name and address of where you would like to see our granolas on the shelves and we will get in touch with all of your suggestions to get the products listed. And please tell your store manager about the granolas – your requests would be very helpful.

And be sure to check out our Stores page – it will tell you the stores where Lotus Fine Foods are being sold.

10 thoughts on “Find Lotus Fine Foods At A Store Near You

  1. A store in Belleville On. please. I will be watching the list of stores to see if anything comes our way.

    • Brenda, thank you for your inquiry. We are looking for a solution for you and will be back to you shortly with some suggestions. In the meantime, if you have some favourite stores that you shop at let us know and we will approach them to list our product. Even better, ask you Store Manager to list the Lotus Fine Foods granolas. Please watch our website as well for exciting news on a new flavour to hit store shelves this Fall. Thank you and stayed tuned!

  2. I live in Regina, Saskatchewan. I was recently in PEI and bought a bag of your Coconut & Cherry Quinoa Granola. I am very interested to find a store here that sells your products. Could you please let me know. Thanks. Diane

    • HI Diane,
      No, we’re not in Saskatchewan yet. But we’re working on selling our products on the site – we will let you know 🙂

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