One Granola, 10 Ways!

Snacks are part of a healthy lifestyle – but if you are what you eat, choosing a snack that fuels your body while satisfying your taste buds is important. Packed with fibre and protein, Lotus Fine Foods award-winning Quinoa Granola is a one-stop shop for savvy snackers who want to enjoy a healthy, natural and nourishing snack. The versatility
of this granola makes it something the whole family will love.

Here are 10 ways to enjoy LFF Quinoa Granola! Which way is your favourite?

Breakfast…the bowl and beyond!

1. Classic Granola with Milk: Quinoa Granola brings a delicious update to a classic
favourite breakfast cereal.

2. Breakfast cookies: Our handheld breakfast cookies are tasty, portable, and  have goodness baked right in.

3. Breakfast parfait Layer Greek yogurt: Quinoa Granola, fruit and a dash of maple syrup to kick start your morning.

4. Oatmeal topper: With the extra addition of Quinoa Granola sprinkled on
top, your oatmeal bowl just got a whole lot fancier!

On the go snacks

5. Homemade Trail Mix: Ditch the unhealthy commercially made trail mix and make your own with a couple handfuls of Quinoa Granola, dried fruit, popcorn and even some dark chocolate chips.

6. Fruit mini muffins: Bake up a batch and pop them in the freezer for a ready-to-go

7. Lotus Squares: You can whip up a delicious batch of no-bake ‘Lotus Squares’ with only a few simple ingredients!

Delicious desserts

8. Fruit crisp This dish is a simple and healthful way to end a meal on a sweet note.

9. Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies: These delicious bite-sized cookies can easily be made gluten-free with a simple substitution.

10. Ice cream and Fro-yo topping: This granola is the perfect amount of sweet and adds a complimenting crunch to your favourite ice-cream flavour.

Weigh in – what’s your favourite way to enjoy Lotus Fine Foods Quinoa Granola?

If you’re in Ottawa, there are tons of places to find our Quinoa Granola. Head to these locations and get eating Lotus Fine Foods Quinoa Granola!

Dandelion Foods - Almonte
Foodsmiths - Perth
Herb and Spice - Bank st and Wellington st
Kardish - 8 locations
Market Organics
Natural Food Pantry - 2 locations Billings Bridge and Kanata
Produce Depot - 2 locations, Carling Ave and Bank st
Shop Real Food - Logy Bay, NFLD
Rainbow Foods - 2 locations, Richmond rd and Greenbank rd

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