Lotus in Ottawa

In case you missed it, last week I was featured on CTV Ottawa’s Morning Live show and on Ottawa’s Rogers’ Daytime Show. It was a pleasure sharing some of my favourite Lotus Fine Foods inspired recipes, including oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, ice-cream sandwiches and yogurt parfaits.

To learn how to make some delicious snacks and desserts your family and friends will love, watch the segment below and follow up with the full recipe here. Take a picture of the recipe if you end up making it, we’d love to share it on our social media streams.

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One Granola, 10 Ways!

Snacks are part of a healthy lifestyle – but if you are what you eat, choosing a snack that fuels your body while satisfying your taste buds is important. Packed with fibre and protein, Lotus Fine Foods award-winning Quinoa Granola is a one-stop shop for savvy snackers who want to enjoy a healthy, natural and nourishing snack. The versatility
of this granola makes it something the whole family will love.

Here are 10 ways to enjoy LFF Quinoa Granola! Which way is your favourite?

Breakfast…the bowl and beyond!

1. Classic Granola with Milk: Quinoa Granola brings a delicious update to a classic
favourite breakfast cereal.

2. Breakfast cookies: Our handheld breakfast cookies are tasty, portable, and  have goodness baked right in.

3. Breakfast parfait Layer Greek yogurt: Quinoa Granola, fruit and a dash of maple syrup to kick start your morning.

4. Oatmeal topper: With the extra addition of Quinoa Granola sprinkled on
top, your oatmeal bowl just got a whole lot fancier!

On the go snacks

5. Homemade Trail Mix: Ditch the unhealthy commercially made trail mix and make your own with a couple handfuls of Quinoa Granola, dried fruit, popcorn and even some dark chocolate chips.

6. Fruit mini muffins: Bake up a batch and pop them in the freezer for a ready-to-go

7. Lotus Squares: You can whip up a delicious batch of no-bake ‘Lotus Squares’ with only a few simple ingredients!

Delicious desserts

8. Fruit crisp This dish is a simple and healthful way to end a meal on a sweet note.

9. Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies: These delicious bite-sized cookies can easily be made gluten-free with a simple substitution.

10. Ice cream and Fro-yo topping: This granola is the perfect amount of sweet and adds a complimenting crunch to your favourite ice-cream flavour.

Weigh in – what’s your favourite way to enjoy Lotus Fine Foods Quinoa Granola?

If you’re in Ottawa, there are tons of places to find our Quinoa Granola. Head to these locations and get eating Lotus Fine Foods Quinoa Granola!

Dandelion Foods - Almonte
Foodsmiths - Perth
Herb and Spice - Bank st and Wellington st
Kardish - 8 locations
Market Organics
Natural Food Pantry - 2 locations Billings Bridge and Kanata
Produce Depot - 2 locations, Carling Ave and Bank st
Shop Real Food - Logy Bay, NFLD
Rainbow Foods - 2 locations, Richmond rd and Greenbank rd

Lotus Fine Foods Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lotus Fine Foods Quinoa Granola isn’t just your traditional granola, it can also be baked and cooked into different recipes – including cookies!

Lotus Fine Foods Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies make the perfect, easy, grab-and-go breakfast, healthy snack, or a base for an ice-cream sandwich dessert. Try this recipe out for yourself, or share it with friends and fellow foodies. Tag us if you ‘tweet’ it and use the hashtag #LFFCookies.

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The Gluten Free Expo in Toronto

GF Expo bannerIt feels like just yesterday that we were in Calgary for the Gluten Free Expo. Now we are only one day away from the Gluten Free Expo in our hometown, Toronto! With hundreds of vendors to sample and buy from, your tummy will sure be full. Make sure to stop by our booth to sample our award winning Dark Chocolate Quinoa Granola (it won Best Breakfast Cereal of the Year)! Tickets are available online for $12 or $15 cash at the door.
When: May 4, 2014 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Where: Metro Toronto Convention Center – South, 222 Bremner Blvd (South Building)
Booth #: 436
When you stop by our booth on Sunday, make sure to join in on our #LoveLotusFineFoods contest.
It’s very easy. Just snap a picture of our booth or of one with you and our granola. Post the picture, tag us and use the hashtag #LoveLotusFineFoods. We will do a random draw on Sunday evening at 6 p.m. and the winner will win a Lotus Fine Foods prize pack!
See you Sunday!

A Very Special Honour

Nearly four years ago I started baking gluten-free muffins for a friend’s autistic son because at the time there was a lot of data linking gluten to increased symptoms of the disease. But muffins have a short life span, so I started developing a gluten-free granola-like breakfast cereal, which also gained traction among celiac sufferers. Today, all of our Lotus Fine Foods cereals are made with natural ingredients, are gluten-free, naturally sweetened, vegan, no trans fats, dairy free, low sodium, non GMO and made in Canada in a dedicated nut-free facility.
A couple of weeks ago Lotus Fine Foods was awarded a very special honour, Product of the Year for Best Breakfast Cereal in Canada. Industry executives reviewed the entries to ensure all products met the program’s criteria. Rogers Connect Market Research Group then conducted an online consumer survey of more than 7,500 Canadians to evaluate each product. I am so happy to have so many Lotus Fine Foods fans and am excited to share this award with all of you!
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This Weekend we are in BC!

chfa_WEST_2014-Banners-for-website_BIG-720x280Today until Sunday we will be at the largest conference and trade show in Western Canada, serving the natural foods and organic industry. We will be at the CHFA West and we can hardly wait!

When? Saturday, April 12 & Sunday, April 13 – 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Where? Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building 
Booth #: 329 

There will be so much to do with over 650 exhibitors on the floor. Myself and Korey (from enerjive) will be at Horizon’s booth sampling and selling our delicious gluten free goods.

We would love to see you there! Stop by, say hi and sample Lotus Fine Foods Quinoa Granola that you won’t be able to say ‘no’ to!

Only a week away!


Calling all Calgarians! Will you be at Calgary’s Gluten Free Expo this coming Saturday and Sunday? We will be! We hope to see you there so that we can share our delicious Quinoa Granola with you. It makes the perfect breakfast or snack.

We also have some delicious recipes that incorporate our granola, such as the easy, three ingredient Lotus Squares. Trust us, you will love everything about Lotus Fine Foods’ Quinoa Granola. Stop by our booth, say hello and decide which flavour you like best!

photo (31)

When? March 29-30, 2014, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Where: University of Calgary, Olympic Oval, 2500 University Dr NW
Booth #: 310
Cost: $12 online (while quantities last) or $15 at the door. Children 10 and under are free!

Hope to see you there!

A delicious, new recipe!

We always love new recipes, especially when they are created with love! Emily Sawyer, a holistic nutritionist from Toronto created these delicious ‘Lotus Squares’ using our Quinoa Granola and made with only three other ingredients. It’s a simple, no bake recipe and makes the perfect grab-and-go snack.
These squares are full of protein, contain no refined sugar and can contain no nuts if you switch the almond butter for sunflower seed or pea butter. We love the taste of ‘healthy’, don’t you?
photo (31)
Lotus Squares
1 package of Spiced Pumpkin Quinoa Granola 
1 cup of almond butter (or other nut butter)
1/3 cup of date syrup (Date Lady)
1 tbsp. of water

In a small sauce pan, heat almond butter and whisk in 1 tbsp. of water until warmed. Remove from the heat and whisk in the date syrup. Pour the mixture over the granola and fold in with a spatula. Use your hands and work in all of the ingredients until thoroughly combined.

Press mixture into a 9×9 pan lined with parchment paper. Place in the fridge for at least an hour, or until firm, and cut into squares.

See you this weekend Vancouver!

GF Expo bannerReady, set, go…to the Gluten Free Expo in Vancouver this weekend! We are very excited to be attending and sampling our four delicious Quinoa Granolas. The Gluten Free Expo is a great way to sample before you buy. Have you ever wanted to try our granola but didn’t want to buy before you tasted? Well this weekend will be your chance. Make sure to come on an empty stomach though, there are lots of treats to be had.

Did you know that the Gluten Free Expo is Canada’s largest gluten free event of it’s kind? With over 100 vendors and a bunch of guest speakers, it’s a weekend you won’t want to miss.

When? January 25 – 26, 2014, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Where? PNE, Forum Building, 2901 E. Hastings St.
Price: $12 early bird or $15 (cash) at the door (children get in for free)

Get your tickets now and visit us this weekend at booth 54. We would love to see you there.