8 Tips To Pull Off A Bikini-Ready Body

Summer is right around the corner. Are you too timid to pull out your bathing suit? Here are some tips to help you lose that stubborn weight and get bikini ready:

1. Hydrate: Studies show that when you drink plenty of water and other healthy drinks, not only does your skin look healthier, it also helps flush toxins that promote weight gain. Your hydration can come in many forms including herbal teas. Lots of vegetables and fruits have a good water content and add to the overall daily requirement.

2. Veggies, veggies, veggies: Load up on those great healthy vegetables. Add lots of colour and variety to your diet. It increases fibre and nutrition and boosts your metabolism.

3. Walk to the store: Leave the car at home and take a walk to the supermarket. Make it a daily practice to go for a walk with the family after dinner, because walking helps promote digestion. Think about it – that extra 50-100 calories you’re burning on a walk adds up quickly. In fact, you can burn over 1500-3000 calories a month with that little walk!

4. Find a work out buddy: Studies prove that having a work out buddy will keep you on track. Make that daily date for a walk or to meet at the gym and you will be successful in your exercise program.

5. Set a goal and stick to it: Grab a friend and you can both set a goal for the next month or two. Don’t make it unreasonable. A drop of 5 pounds is doable and sustainable. Realistic goals are achievable goals. Imagine how good you will feel shedding a pound a month and being 12 pounds lighter for your next birthday!

6. Find a seamstress: This is my favourite trick for success. Do not go out and buy new clothes half way through the weight loss plan. New clothes can make you feel great and will potentially prevent you from getting to your goal. Instead make friends with your seamstress. Take in all those too big things. You will save big bucks and the image in the mirror will fool you into believing that you have not changed. Just the push you need to keep going. Save those bucks for a great new wardrobe and the big reveal.

7. Avoid commercials: Get up and do a little exercise every time a commercial comes on. Not only do you add to your activity level but you avoid all those nasty food commercials that can set off negative suggestions to go to the kitchen and eat!

8. Switch your breakfast cereal: Most granolas have a high fat and sugar content which does not fit well with a balanced, sensible diet for optimal health. Not so with our Lotus Fine Foods Guilt Free Granolas! Our delicious Coconut & Cherry and Cranberry & Cinnamon Granolas are low in fat and have no refined sugars which can be enjoyed even if you are Diabetic, Celiac or are simply trying to fit back into your bikini. A perfect Spring Tune Up for your healthy eating plan!