Gluten Free in London UK

gluten free itsuOn my most recent visit to the UK, an old friend was raving about this amazing quinoa, yogurt and fruit breakfast he enjoys several times a week. Being the queen of quinoa, I had to look into this. I found my new favorite gluten-free fast food chain in London. Pod Foods was set up in 2006 and has several locations in the city of London. The food is extremely tasty and they have lots of gluten-free choices. The foods does not contain additives, preservatives or colouring. The food is served in compostable packaging and each Pod has its own compost. Pod has several great gluten-free salad options. They serve the best gluten-free brownies London. I was pleased with the gluten free in London UK I had found!

As I walked around London, I kept seeing Itsu signs everywhere. There are two flagship restaurants, in Chelsea and Knotting Hill. Itsu also has 37 other shops. What was it? Not a coffee bar, sandwich bar or a sushi bar. They must be a sort of health food bar? Health food bar? Low-fat, low-carb, low-calorie and even several gluten free recipes. The mantra is health & happiness. Health because it’s light and nutritious… happiness because it’s not rabbit food. I had a hard time choosing between the GF tuna & salmon junior sushi at 3.99 with calories 165 / sat fat 0.7g or if I was hungry enough for the GF omega 3 salmon supreme at 5.99 with calories 367/sat. fat 2.4g. You can also find great skinny “no carb salad”.

Overall, I was pleased with my gluten free finds in London UK. I can’t wait to come back and find more! If you have any gluten free recommendations in London, please pass them along by posting them in the comments section. Cheerio!