Discovering Ottawa Neighbourhood Gems – Hintonburg

Hintonburg Ottawa

I am just discovering Ottawa of late and all that makes this a dynamic and beautiful capital city.  There is so much to see and do and of course we all know about the Byward Market, the Rideau Canal and the Parliament buildings BUT have you discovered the neighbourhood known as Hintonburg Ottawa?

Located to the west of downtown Ottawa, Hintonburg’s eastern boundary is marked by O-Train tracks, with the neighbourhood of Centretown West beyond. To the west is Holland Ave, to the south, the Queensway (Hwy 417), while the northern periphery of the Transitway, or the old CPRail mainline is shared with the Mechanicsville neighbourhood.

One of Ottawa’s oldest neighbourhoods, it was named after the original civic official and long time shopkeeper, Joseph Hinton. From the original subdivisions in the 1850’s, this community became a part of Ottawa in 1907, enjoying a long history of industrial development and prosperity.  Today the area is a busy hub of trendy restaurants, great shops and a market that is considered the city’s best.

The Parkdale Market is at Parkdale Avenue and Wellington Street, West.  A visit in early October saw me coming away with the freshest of fruits and vegetables, including a surprise flat of delectable, juicy Quebec strawberries (in October!).  I could not wait to get home and getting canning.  The shelves are now stocked with the kid’s favourite – Strawberry/Lemonade Concentrate – think drinks bursting with fresh summer strawberry flavour in January.  But the fun of canning is another blog.

There is a new pottery studio celebrating their grand opening party November 23 and run, don’t walk to Loam Clay Studio.  Let me say that this is not your usual pottery.  Nina, Sarah and Michele – all true artists – create the most stunning pieces that defy description.  I had a sneak peak of pieces of Michele’s that were just about to go into the kiln and I will be making the trek to Ottawa to make sure that I can get some of these most recent firings before they fly out the door.  Michele has been creating charming teapots and vessels with the most lifelike birds perched on top and her recent ‘spotty bowl’ stage was fabulous stuff.

Loam offers workshops and classes and the opportunity to study with these artists, would be extraordinary.  Nina Marchewka and Sarah Fulford have over 25 years of experience and Michele Macdonald is considered an expert glaze tech.

Just a block away another neighbourhood gem is Hintonburg Pottery representing 30 ceramic artists.  Ginger McCoy  and her group would be delighted to share the background of all the artists showing in her storefront.

There is a talented group of remarkable artists working hard to make Hintonburg THE pottery destination of Greater Ottawa and beyond.  An afternoon in Hintonburg would be a wonderful way to find useful and memorable one of a kind gifts for everyone on your Christmas list.

Loam Clay Studio
74 Hamilton Street, North
Ottawa, Ontario
1-613-722 CLAY (2529)

Hintonburg Pottery
78 Hinton Street, North
Ottawa, Ontario
1 (613) 979-8240