You can now find Lotus Fine Foods Granolas at Whole Foods

wholefoodsLogo1We are pleased to announce that Lotus Fine Foods can now be found at Whole Foods in Ontario! We couldn’t be happier. We love what Whole Foods stands for and the quality products they carry in their stores. We are honoured to now say that Lotus Fine Food is one of these quality products!

You’ll find us at the Whole Foods stores in Yorkville (Toronto), Oakville, Square One (Mississauga) and Unionville (Markham). The next time you’re in Whole Foods, be sure to look for us on the shelves.

Once again, a special thanks goes out to Whole Foods for carrying our tasty granolas.


Lotus Granolas Now In More Stores

Wow – look at the stores where you can buy Lotus Granola’s now!

Please check out the Stores tab on the website to see the new and exciting places where you can buy our two great granolas.

We are now in Brampton, Brooklin, Concord, Orillia, Sutton in Ontario and Chicoutimi, Quebec – wow! There are also lots of new Toronto and Quebec locations.

Please keep letting us know where you love to shop and let the store managers know that you would like to be able to get Lotus Granolas in your favourite stores.

…and thank you for your business !


Find Lotus Fine Foods At A Store Near You

To all our new and future customers: please share with us where you love to shop. We want to make getting our Lotus Fine Foods Granolas as easy to buy as they are to eat. Let us know the name and address of where you would like to see our granolas on the shelves and we will get in touch with all of your suggestions to get the products listed. And please tell your store manager about the granolas – your requests would be very helpful.

And be sure to check out our Stores page – it will tell you the stores where Lotus Fine Foods are being sold.