The Toronto Star Gets A Taste Of Lotus Fine Foods

Breaking News!

We are so thrilled that The Toronto Star wrote an article about our new Lotus Fine Foods granolas today. And they liked us!

Jennifer Bain is clearly a fan of Quinoa and its amazing nutritional powers, and she picked the Coconut & Cherry as her personal fave – my leaning as well. But just you wait Jennifer until you see what we are cooking up next in the kitchen – there are serious yum-yums we’re testing and hopefully on its way to stores shelves in the coming months.

I agree with her – it is a challenge to stick to that ¼ cup serving. I keep finding new and delicious ways to serve it up. Ice cream season is here and I can’t wait to test all the Hagen Daz flavours with the granola!

Check out what The Toronto Star had to say about our fantastic new ethical, gluten-free granolas today!