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It is an exciting day at Lotus Fine Foods – not only it is the launch day of our website and blog but as we write this, the first delivery of our two new fantastic granolas (Coconut & Cherry and Cranberry & Cinnamon) are at the distributor and ready to ship to our new customers! Because it is our launch date it is fitting to take the time in this first blog to say thank you and there are many to share. The launch of the Lotus Fine Foods Granolas is a culmination of several years of hard work with the input of many experts – not only from the food industry but also legal and business experts who have helped shaped what we will deliver to you over the weeks and months to come. Family and friends have provided invaluable input and have been very willing tasters on the many, many test batches as we worked hard to come up with the perfect blends of taste and nutrition. The packaging experts, the food stylists and the production specialists have all been so supportive of this new venture, sharing their many years of experience. And then there is our new distributor – Neal Brothers Foods – that was so willing to take on our new products. Neal Brothers have been busy spreading the news with their customers. We can’t wait to tell you where you can find the granolas next. We are not taking a breath – we are busy working hard on new products that will make the way on to the store shelves. Be sure to visit our blog often to get updates on new deliciously, nutritious products from Lotus Fine Foods.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Lotus Fine Food’s Blog!

  1. So, so happy for you. Much hard work, sweat and perseverance will pay off. An amazing product that will forever change the way people approach their most important meal of the day. Traditional cereals better watch out 🙂

  2. Amazing. I love this granola! I am so thrilled it is hitting the market. Congrats to the amazing team at Lotus Fine Foods!

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